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Two Bad CMX512-3200C2 w/ memtest86

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They're both XMS3202v2.2


Both modules were purchased 5/23/2003 from JNCS.com and have errors in memtest86 and prime95 on two different motherboards, whether used singly or together. e.g. 1400 errors running overnight.


Bioses are the latest.


FYI I'm an electronics design engineer.


They fail in various slots.

Other same sized memories work fine in these motherboards with the same settings.

They fail at 200 MHz (800 FSB) with

2.5-3-3-6 or 3-4-4-7 timing.

DDR Voltage: 2.65 & 2.55 Volts.



Failures are single bit and repeatable on each module.


I've already made an RMA request earlier today.


I'd like to exchange these for good modules or upgrade to somewhat faster if possible for small fee.

Thanks for your help.

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