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Sync Logitech G915 TKL and G502 Lightspeed with ICUE

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sorry if the topic is duplicated - I could not find anything like it so far. 

As the title says, I would like to syncronize my periphals with my lightstrips. The issue is that I have Corsair lightstrips and a Corsair mousepad but a Logitech mouse and keyboard. Thus I have to types if RGB software - namely ICUE and G HUB. Both bascially ingore each other and I could not find a way to embed one hardware into the software of the other manufacturer. Is there any way to do so? For example to integrate the Logitech Hardware into the ICUE SOftware? 

I tried 2 different indipendent 3rd party rgb software but these tend to mess with the periphals rendering them somewhat buggy (buttons not working, etc.).



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Nop it's not possible. every company defends its turf for obvious reasons.

Making that would lead to lawsuits galore, and can only be made with cooperation between the two companies.

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