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LL120 RGB fans not working

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I just built my computer using 5 - LL120s and Commander Pro.  

I also have 4 - LL120’s hooked up to Lighting Node PRO.

I am using iCUE.


When I start the pc up all the lights go into rainbow mode for anywhere from seconds to at most 5 minutes.  During this time the icue software screens on my computer look as they should in the corsair videos and I can change settings in iCUE.  But I cannot see the Lighting node pro in the settings.


Then it stops.  The lighting node pro lights continue to stay in rainbow.  The 5 LL120’s on the commander pro turn off their lights but the fans still work.  After the fans go dark I can click on my home button and they switch to a color I set it to on the night I got my pc.  


When I open iCUE I get a pop up that says “lighting effects are controlled by a third party application”  


My iCUE software screen doesn't look like any of the corsair tip videos about the commander pro.


Since then I've uninstalled icue 4 times, resetting the color hardware.


What am I missing?  Is there another application? 

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Wallpaper Engine perhaps?  Go to CUE settings -> Software and Games to see the list of programs that are using the Corsair SDK.  

Screenshot (240).png

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