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Dashboard will not save reliably

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The dashboard in IQUE has a major problem saving the layout. If you have it open and reboot your PC, the order/layout of the 'grouping 'pannels changes as well as the sub pannels with the individual readings. If you close ICUE before suttung down and do not update the application it will keep the order. I have two corsair commanders, Vengance pro RGB, lighting node pro, 10 QL fans, 4 strips, many other fans and lights. I could close ICUE but the dashboard is always displayed on a second monitor during gaming or working so this is not really convienent. It takes a really long time to reorder the pannels and subpannels every time I reboot, mutiple times a day. Most of the time it looks like a random pile of disorganized readings and I have to hunt for the labels. It looks like hot steaming garbage and I feel like this would be easy to fix. Maybe you guys could fix this?

Maybe the save file is not saved or corrupted during shutdown when the application is still open and displaying the dashboard? It has always had this bug, through several reinstalls of the OS, and versions of ICUE, and updated device firmware. Whatever happens when the app closes maybe you can ensure that will happen RELIABLY when its open and the OS is shutting down. Better still assume the OS will shutdown at some point after IQUE is launched or the layout is changed and save the state reliably.

Games and applications everywhere can do this well, so, I assume this can be done better in IQUE.

Maybe a dev could try this out and replicate the issue?

  • Open IQUE and add multiple Corsair commanders, Lighting node pro and however much else you can think to add. Shoot for about 9 pannels worth or so. 
  • Label the individual devices, fans, pumps.
  • Add fan profiles and assign the profiles to the fans pumps.
  • Move the pannels/subpannels to be in the non default order you would like.
  • Close IQUE ............then reboot the PC and reopen ICUE. DID the order save as expected? It does for me.
  • Display the ique dashboard on a monitor and reboot the PC without closing ICUE first. DID the order and layout change from the order you set? it does for me.

I hope that is helpful to reproduce and diagnose the issue. 

Thank you.

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This is an ongoing issue and can take either one of two forms.  Either it's 1) a complete wipe of all devices and entries; or 2) specific devices like the Commander Pro scramble their internal order on every boot.  This has been a persistent issue since the launch of CUE 4 and I am not sure any of us have insight as to the root cause.  

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