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iCue Scaling issues

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From what I have seen on this forum this is nothing new. I use a large 4K TV and my scaling is set to 150% so I can see text on my screen. The iCue app is unusable because of this. All the parts I need to see are off the edge of the screen, and my screen is filled with blank, unneeded space.

This is 100% due to the iCue app not handling DPI scaling correctly and going with a fixed window layout instead of allowing resizing. Developers don't do this because it is better, they do it because it is easier and they are LAZY. I tried changing the DPI compatibility setting for both iCue.exe and iCue Launcher.exe, no effect. I saw several threads about this issue in this forum, and noticed that Corsair had the audacity to suggest people set their scaling to 100% to use their app. Well aren't they special! Why should I render every bit of text on my screen unreadable because your developers are too lazy to make an app the works? Every other app developer doesn't seem to have a problem with this.

My girlfriend's headset is partially broken so she is in the market for a new one. I was going to suggest she get a Corsair because their construction is solid and I have zero durability issues with mine. But after seeing this scaling issue has been ongoing for a year with no resolution, combined with the stickied thread about removing support for old product for no apparent reason, I believe I will suggest she get a different product. It's sad, because it really is well made headset. Why ruin it with terrible software and lack of support?

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