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ICUE not controlling fan speed

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I just built my computer, I bought a commander core xt. I have downloaded the ICUE software but when I try to configure the fans speed nothing changes, when I switch to extreme to silent they stay the same and if they aren't receiving any imput. I have 4 pin fans (NZXT 120 mm), I've looked at old forum post saying that the fan controller needed 4 pin fans. Not sure what to do or how to fix it.

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Try creating a custom fan curve with the + symbol. This will reveal fixed RPM and fixed PWM % options that are a better method of determining if you have control. The quiet/balanced/extreme presets are programmed Temp vs RPM fan curves and not a low/medium/high switch. Changing the setting only changes the active curve and at low temperature that may not change the fan response. 

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