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GS600 fan sounds


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hi guys,

i have this older but working gs600 psu. i had it as 2nd reserve at home. now im building an am3 setup for my brother and i notice that the fan is idle if not needed.

if the psu gets warmer the fan starts working and instantly at this moment it makes a strange sound. the fan rotates faster and the noise stops. so it is getting on my nerves because everytime the psu doesnt need the fan its silent.. it starts rotating... noise...and so on and on and on.

is there a way i can fix this? is it from the fan or from the psu itself? i dont have a spare fan at home at this moment so i could try it.

thanks for your help and time

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It's normal for the fan to power on at 12v when it shifts from the "eco" or zero rpm state to on.  That causes an short burst of fan speed before it settles into a lower speed.  It sounds like the bearing might be getting a bit old and it takes a few seconds for the things to lubricate as it should.  The only cure for that is going to be a fan swap, but you'll have to decide whether you want to open it up and put something in (surely voiding the warranty) or if it's worth the time and expense to RMA it (if it still is under warranty).  

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