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Icue + Commander Pro + Lightning Node Question


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I'm still pretty new at all this.  I recently bought the H115 AIO which had the commander pro.  I have 6 QLs and am using the 3 fans which came with the H115.  When I use Icue to control the light effects, I can control sequenced lighting with the 6 on the commander pro, but they wont run in time with the 3 on the Lighting Node.

Is there anyway to get the fans connected to the Commander Pro and those connected to the Lightning Node to work in time together?

Thank you

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Probably not exactly in the way you want.  Each controller (or channel) is it's own separate lighting group, so the 6 QL on one are a set and the 3 ML-Elite on the other are different set.  There are "lighting link" and scene lighting that are universal to the system, but Visor is the only effect that is sequential in nature.  It gets complicated to try and make an effect that works the exact same way across multiple types of devices with very different LED configurations.  Likewise you will see you have additional effects specific to the QL and it's ring design.  The ML-Elite or any other center hub LED fan won't be able to do.  


So basic presets like Rainbow wave, static colors, color wave, etc. can be universally applied through scenes or lighting link.  It's also not necessary to make them universal and each device can be set individually for more control.  However, sequential effects running from fan 1 to fan 9 cannot be achieved through presets.  It is possible to program your own custom wave that starts on fan 1-6 while fans 7-9 wait, then a second programed wave begins on controller #2 for 7-9, while 1-6 are timed out.  However, this takes quite a bit of experimentation to get the timing down for a wave of X length and Y duration.  It's not something I would recommend someone new to the software spend a lot of time on right out of the box, unless you enjoy the programming.  

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