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AX1600i USB Cable (Mini USB to USB 2.0 Header) Lost/Missing

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Hi guys,

As the title says I have lost the USB cable that comes with the PSU. Is this cable specific or can I order any mini USB to USB 2.0 header cable from Amazon or elsewhere? If so, can anyone suggest a good replacement?

Thanks in advance!

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Update: Found the cable! Sad to see nobody had any suggestions. I think any cable of the kind, Mini USB to 9-pin or USB 2.0 header would work. I actually ordered one on Amazon and then found the cable, so had to cancel the order right away. Phew.

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  • Corsair Employees

A mini-USB to 9pin internal USB 2.0 cable would have worked. As for not receiving a reply it most likely has to do with the timing with the start of the weekend as you posted towards the end of the work day for most people which can cause it to get lost in the posts during the weekend.

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