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Corsair Virtuoso SE - RGB issues

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So I've just unpacked a new pair of Virtuoso SE Wireless, plugged the dongle in, paired headphones to my pc, and to my dissatisfaction, the RGB on the sides of the headset are not lighting up. The microphone indicator is just fine, but the logo LEDs are not. I've tried resetting them using mute button, reinstalling the iCUE software, checked for firmware update (Dongle is v0.16.80, Headphones are v0.17.149) and of course I've charged them up. Issue happens on both USB and Wireless mode 

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Have you checked to make sure that a lighting effect is set appropriate in the Lighting Effect menu for the headset, and that the brightness slider in the headset's Device Settings are turned up? If so and the RGB is still not lighting up we would recommend that you proceed with a return and exchange of the headset you purchased the headset from, or reach out to our support team directly by opening a support ticket at http://help.corsair.com

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