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Don't buy Corsair mice

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The iCue software is problematic enough that I'm simply tired of fooling with it. There are other mice on the market that are just as good as Corsair mice whose software isn't as buggy. 

If you're on the fence between a Corsair mouse vs another brand mouse, just make it easier on yourself and get the other brand who won't be asking yourself questions like "why wont the iCue software launch THIS time!?"

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That is unfortunate to hear you're experiencing some bugs with iCUE?  What types of issues are you experiencing with the software?  Have you already started a ticket with the support team?

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Yeah, I have to agree. This software has been a nightmare. There is no reason to buy a mouse with this software when there are others of the same caliber without any issues. After finally starting to get the hang of using the software, it now won't even show the mouse settings options, and everything has reverted. Now I have a painfully slow mouse that I can't configure anything on through iCUE. The software is now just another out of 10,000 hardware trackers with 100 bells and whistles but this one ignores the basic reason I have it. Very frustrating. The program has frozen several times and crashed. This should be really, really simple. I've never had to spend this much time messing with mouse software. It's pretty ridiculous. I think the point this guy is making is it's pretty bad to even have to open a support ticket for something that is smooth as butter with every other brand.

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The iCue software is garbage. So much so, that I probably will have to start buying my lighting, fan controllers, fans, PSU, mouse and keyboards, RAM, CPU coolers and cases from another company. I literally have all of what I just listed from Corsair, in two computers, and they are going to lose me with their terrible software. I might not mind as much if just the lighting was affected, but when the fans that are controlling your system cooling start being affected, I think it is time to look for another company to buy from.

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Yes, I never expected such a bad kbm driver software from Corsair.

We do not expect very much form a kbm driver software. It should be able to control device color and kbm configuration.

ICue makes it, if, and only if it's starting reliable from a boot. But very often, it doesn't startup correctly. Mostly a second or third reboot makes the job.

We resigned on autostarting iCue, because then failure starting up is more often. We start it manually, after boot has finished.

I tried various settings, disabled unneeded services, search in discussions. Nothing helped, I only found, that others have similar problems.

With the next new devices, we will resign on Corsair products, as we did with Razor products before, because they have driver problems too.

Other brands do not have these problems, they have developers, able to programm reliable drivers. Sad. Sry, but the truth.


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