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Magnetic usb cable that fits the HS80 headset

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(Not sure if this is the right place to ask as I find these forum sections a little confusing, please move it if it is in the wrong place...thank you).


I am looking for a magnetic usb cable that actually fits the usb-c port on the HS80 headset.  I have tried 2 different ones (Top-Longer first and then NetDot gen 12) and in both cases the usb-c adapter that is supposed to sit in the port on the headset itself does not seat properly, it is too small and just falls straight out under its own weight, though they fit other usb-c devices perfectly.    I have checked the port for debris but there is none which is not surprising with such a new purchase. I do not know if the port on the headset is oddly sized or just deeper than usual.


Has anyone found a magnetic cable that actually fits?  Or even a usb-c to micro usb adapter would help I guess though would be more bulky and less reliable.


Thank you in advance.

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