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Dell Dimension 8400 upgrade question


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I recently purchased a dell 8400. I chose 512 (2x256) of pc2-3200 memory.

My memory modules are Samsung M378T335BZO which are CL-3. The timing on this memory is



I am considering the Corsair Value Select VS512MBKITG400C3 which will upgrade my total memory to 1 gig.


I was reading on the net where the timings seem to be different than the original samsung memory


Has anyone here used value select in an 8400? I don't/can't overclock, so I don't need Corsair's high end memory. I also see that they have a specific module for the 8400, but it appears to be pc-4200, which in my case will only run at 3200 anyhow. Being more expensive than standard memory, it may not make sense for me. I plan on retaining my original sticks.



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Typically you cannot mix different brands, types, or revisions of RAM. Mixing the Samsung and the Corsair may or may not even boot or it could be unstable. If you need to go to 1gb or RAM, your safest bet is to buy a 1gb matched kit and find another use for your existing RAM.



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