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Hey everyone,

I am not sure where this should go, but I just wanted people to be aware of how lousy Corsairs customer service has been in regards to my RMA. I always hear from others that Corsair has better customer service than other brands, and that their RMA process is usually well handled and they would take care of their customers. But if my experience is any indication, the company customer service may have dropped by quite a bit.

A little background, I'm from Canada, and last year I bought a new Ryzen system alongside with the H100i Elite Capellix AIO (and thus my troubles began). At first everything was going smoothly, but within a few months one of the RGB on the fans started going haywire (like changing colors when its not supposed to despite other fans working fine). I started a ticket with Corsair, it took a couple of weeks of back and forth with troubleshooting/diagnosing, but at the end the techs suggested there was an issue with the Commander core and said I would need to RMA it. Fair enough right? But wait, this is an AIO and I won't be able to use my computer for the few days/weeks that the AIO is gone (running a 5800X, that does not include any cooler). So they suggested an advanced RMA, which means they charge my CC for the price of the product they send out first and refund it when they receive my faulty product back. Simple enough right? Well one catch, they charge for currency conversion rates and I ended up having to pay an extra $20-25 bucks or so. Okay, not a big deal if this is a one time occurrence right?

Well fast forward a few months down the line, a similar issue started happening again, so once again I started a ticket with Corsair, and after multiple weeks of back and forth emails with them, they finally suggested, you guessed it, to do an advanced RMA again. My first thought was, this is definitely not right, having to pay ANOTHER $20-25 bucks just to get a working product (at this point I might have just bought the H150i or some higher end AIO from a different company). So I brought it up to their attention, that this advanced RMA solution wasn't going to work especially if I was going to be spending an extra $40-50 bucks PLUS having the same unit fail on me twice. So I asked to speak with a manager or someone higher up to try and explain my situation, and they finally connected me with one of their escalations manager after weeks of asking, and let's call him "Alex" (I will not reveal his real name due to confidentiality purposes). Alex told me only thing they could do is the advanced RMA and nothing else. Frankly at this point, due to being the second RMA for the same product, multiple weeks of back and forth emails, and having to spend extra money, I was fed up and flat out told the Corsair team that their solution doesn't work for me and I would rather just buy a new higher end AIO from a different competitor. You'd think that was the end of it right? Nope, turns out Alex doesn't even both reading my emails and he sent out the replacement unit against my wishes. A couple weeks later, I received the product and with a day or two (I haven't had time to send it back yet), Alex sends another email threatening to void my warranty if I didn't send it back (nice customer service right?). So I send back the package as is (the new AIO untouched, un-opened) and sent an email back telling them I was done with Corsair and I no longer would like to do business with them.

Well that's the end of the story righ-t? Nope, few days later Alex responds with the following (directly quoted from email) "Thank you for returning the faulty product".

At this point I was truly done with Corsair, so not only do they force you to pay extra for their unreliable products, their customer service is absolutely terrible, and their escalations manager don't even bother reading emails properly.

Needless to say, going forwards, I'm definitely NOT recommending Corsair to any potential friends or customers after this nightmare of a RMA process I had to deal with from Corsair.

If anyone doesn't believe me, that's fair, its the internet right? But I am more than happy to share screenshots of my email thread throughout the RMA process privately (so not to disclose any confidential information), just let me know.


tl;dr Corsair's customer service has gone majorly downhill now, and is absolutely terrible. They will charge you a significant amount just to get a working product. I would advise anyone that is going to get a Corsair product who cares about Warranty, customer service and product reliability to definitely think it through.

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