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Does anyone have experience fitting a 360mm and a 240/280mm radiator in the 4000X?

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Title pretty much says it all. For whatever reason, both Corsair's and EKWB's configurators, as well as the Hydro X build guide for the 4000X, really want to stick a shorter radiator up front. I've got an H150i in there now, so I know I can fit a 360mm rad by itself, and it looks to me like I could still squeeze a 280mm rad in there. If I were to go with a thicker front rad than the H150i (probable), then it still looks like I could fit a 240mm. Has anyone around here tried it?

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A 280mm radiator is really dicey in the 4000x because of the width.  You are going to hit a VRM heatsink or RAM regardless of the other radiator junction ramifications.  Best case would be 240 + 360, but I would prefer someone with the case in hand detail potential issues with that.  

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