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Commander core disappeared after firmware upgrade on first boot

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I just built a new pc with a H150i plus its 3 rgb fans, 3 LL120 fan pack (front), and a single LL120 (rear), upon clean install of win11 and first launch of icue software it immediately detected the commander core and said it needed a firmware update. it updated and it no longer is showing as a device in icue. In the device area icue shows my capellix rgb and the lightning node pro. not the commander core. all seven fans are working running and i can change profiles (not custom yet) and the fans rgb all follow so it appear to be working but not seen. did the firmware upgrade mess something up?

secondly i am only seeing 6 fans total in icue when i have 7 connected. i have 3 front ll120 and 3 h150i rgb plugged into commander core, and the single rear fan RGB connected to the Lighting Node CORE that came with one of the fan bundles in slot #1, then that connects to the lightning node pro in led 1. Thats the only way i could understand how to connect 7 fans. 

any help would be appreciated. thanks

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Since the Commander Core is part of the cooler everything is working as it should since its showing up as your H150i Elite Capellix RGB cooler. As for the single fan plugged into the RGB Fan LED Hub > Lighting Node Pro you will need to select the Lighting Node Pro in the iCUE software, go to Lighting Setup, and then setup the appropriate LED channel with the correct fan type and the correct number of fans for the hub.

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