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Slower Mouse Playback Macro

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Hello everyone 🙂

Just a quick question, hoping it's an easy fix or a setting in Windows/iCue that I need to change.

I have setup a Macro in iCue for my Dark Core Pro, which involves recording mouse input, mouse movement and keyboard input. Everything works fine, it tracks exactly where I clicked (to the pixel) but the issue is, it's playing back at a much slower speed, like 50% of my original recorded speed.

Everything still works fine and the clicks are still executed in order that I recorded it, just mouse movement and clicks happen slower, literally like slow motion.

FYI - iCue and all my Corsair peripherals are fully up to date, and Mouse Acceleration / Enhanced Pointer is disabled within Windows.


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The mouse movement feature will play the mouse at one set speed. There is no way to change the speed at which the mouse moves.

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Why does it not play back at the recorded speed? Kind of defeats the purpose of a mouse macro when it's too slow for actual purpose...

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