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new builder - few questions on iCUE 5000X case, H150i Water cooler, and corsair RM750 Power Supply

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New Build , have a few problems and some questions, seeking advice

using the following components:

CPU - Intel i9 12900k

motherboard - Asus ROG Strix Z690-F

Power supply - Corsair RM750

Case - Corsair iCUE 5000X

CPU cooling - Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix liquid CPU cooler

GPU - MSI RTX-3080

Problem #1 - HDD Hard disk drive cage won't fit back into case 
because the cables coming out of the back of the power supply don't allow enough room
to insert the HDD cage back in and screw the 2 thumbscrews to the original holes. For now I have to just leave the cage loose
inside the case.
Anyone else have this problem using a corsair case and corsair power supply ?

Question #1 - The orientation of the corsair power supply - do you have the Power Supply fan oriented upwards, blowing air into the case interior, 
OR do you flip the power supply over, so it is blowing air out the bottom underside of the case ?

Problem #2 - Liquid Air Cooler installation
I first tried mounting the ware cooler radiator on the front of the case, fans sucking air into the case and through the radiator, 
and with the 2 tubes located at the bottom. Mounted the 3 fans original to the case now mounted horizontally on top of the case.
This setup was no good because the tubes were just long enough to get the pump unit onto the CPU, but the tubes were tight over the 
PCIe x16 card slot - preventing the installation of the Graphics GPU.

I then tried flipping the radiator so that it was still mounted vertically on the front of the case, but the tubes now at the TOP of the radiator.  Could only fit 2 of the original 3 case fans on the top because the 3rd fan was hitting the radiator tubes.

However, the FAQ in the install manual says "best way to install a radiator is with the tubes on the bottom of the case"

So I then mounted the CPU water cooler fans and radiator horizontally at the top of the case, with the fans pulling interior case air through the radiator and blowing air OUT of the case. 
The original (3) case fans are installed on the front of the case, sucking air INTO the case.  Is this radiator installation OK to use ?

Question #2 - Case Fans and H150i Water cooler fans installation.
The 3 fans that are part of the iCUE H150i Elite Capellix water CPU cooler - all 3 connect to the Commander core", which then connects to the USB 2.0 header on the motherboard.
The 3 fans that are original to the iCUE 5000X RGB case connect to 2 small PCB's mounted on the right side panel, and there is a cable connecting to 
these 2 PCB's that then connects to the other USB 2.0 header on the motherboard..
QUESTION - should I connect the 3 case fans to the H150i to the Commander Core rather than the original connection to the 2 case pcb's ?


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1 : the PSU fan blows air to the back. the fan opening is the intake 🙂

Ideally you want fan up, so the heat from the components doesn't rise towards the PCB. That allows the PSU to run passively for longer.


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Additional Question

On the iCUE 5000x case, coming from the fan pcb labeled "pwm repeater " there is a cable labeled "PWM Cable"

Where does this connect to ?    If it is supposed to connect to  the Asus Z690-F motherboard, where should it connect to ?

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On 5/11/2022 at 12:42 PM, hikerlt said:

On the iCUE 5000x case, coming from the fan pcb labeled "pwm repeater " there is a cable labeled "PWM Cable"

That is a 6 fan PWM repeater. It is effectively a powered splitter. The one 4 pin connector goes to your fan controller (MB or Commander) and then all fans on the little circuit board run that same speed. You can use it to connect all of your fans to the Commander Core for software control. You don’t need individual fan control over every fan and three radiator fans, or 3 case panel fans (or more) can share the PWM hub and run the same speed. 

There also is “Lighting Node Core” RGB controller that has been stripped of its shell. This is the one with a usb connection. RGB connections can go here if you have more than 6 RGB fans. Otherwise use the Commander Core as the prime RGB controller. 

H150i Elite mount - Most users who front mount will have the tubes up. GPUs are just too long these days to go around them to the bottom. Up or down this should not affect functionality. In an extreme case you could get a large enough air pocket at the radiator outlet that restricts the flow rate. However, you would hear this, know it’s a problem, and I can’t recall anyone posting about this happening. 

Top mount is fine and functional. The main drawback to this is it places the radiator into the gpu waste heat zone. When running long duration gpu loads like gaming, you will see a coolant temp rise in the AIO greater than the actual cpu heat. This is from the rise in local temperature around the radiator. This may or may not be satisfactory to you, but it does not prevent the system from working and typically amounts to a 5C cpu penalty when gaming. That’s something most users can absorb as games rarely keep the cpu at maximum. It’s a bigger problem for users running continuous maximum gpu and cpu loads, like folding or something similar. 

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