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I'll try to make this short before my laptop succumbs to the wrath of my anger right now!


I've heard the problem with most gaming keyboards is that the left shift key is too short for GAMING! Which is what the keyboard was designed for!


Therefore I came on here a yesterday to to see is this problem still persists! I soon found exactly what I was looking for,

A post titled something along the lines of "K55 keyboard FALSE Advertising" with reference to the left shift key being the small standard size yet on the box it clearly shows a photo of the left be being the extended type! After reading the guy's post and pleased to read the reply from Corsair stating "This is a UK keyboard layout in the photo" (I live in the UK) and then went on to tell the guy to return it if he's not happy!!! Of course he wasn't happy! He didn't get what he was shown he was buying did he!???
Even worse was after I foolishly believed Corsair's blatant lie I rushed out & drove to town to buy a K70 RGB MK2 (A £150 keyboard!! and it's 6 miles away) only to be told they only deliver next day... In the store I checked on the box (Via their website) that the photo was the same as the UK layout as mentioned in the post  by the Corsair staff member, it was.

It was just delivered, you should've seen my smile when I saw on the front of the box it was the correct one with the extended left shift key! ... that didn't last long when I pulled it out the box to discover I'd been lied to by some prick at Corsiar!!!!


I don't want to return it, i want Corsair to fix their mistake and redeem themselves for ling by giving me what they advertised!!

I'm a UK Ltd Services company and my charge for returning this item to the store where it was purchased is going to be £500.

If Corsair cannot fulfill their duty of the sale by giving me what they advertised then I need to know who I send my invoice to please??


Thank you


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Same problem here. The box with my K55 Pro keyboard AZERTY Belgian shows a totally different layout then the keyboard itself! So both the photo online and the photo on the box are false!  Not to mention that the keyboard layout is not following ANSI nor ISO standards and even individual keys are inconsistent (!) It seams to me that Corsair is only concerned about US customers. Customers with different language layout are left in the cold by saying to return your keyboard instead of taking action. WAKE UP CORSAIR!

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This is the most ridiculous  answer I got from Corsair support: 😡

Should I be very angry or laugh loud?

Hello Homer,
I deeply apologize for the delay, after speaking with my specialist they stated that your pressing too many keys at once or pressing them too fast. The keyboard doesn't have an N-key roll over which this article will explain more on: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/-n-key-rollover-nkro-definition,5751.html.
If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Best Regards,
Cesar S.

Thank you for choosing

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