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icue H150i Elite Capellix White - Corsair continually sending wrong replacment


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This cooler is an absolute nightmare it seems since there doesn't seem to be a retail replacement that is available anymore.

I understand they changed it somewhat but when I opened mine and started to set it up, one fan's rgb was not functioning correctly.


I opened a ticket and they sent a replacement which shows CO-8950027 - which doesn't bring anything useful up on Google.

This fan is black firstly and ICue shows it runs at only 1500rpm as opposed to the fitted ML120 which are almost 1000 rpm more at 2400.


ICue also shows this fan to be "QL series" and the other ones are shown as "8 led series" (for some reason).


I took photos and uploaded this and they said they'd send the correct fan. Lo and behold I get exactly the same fan again.


This is maddening and the whole fan issue is confusing as hell anyway as none of the numbers I get for Corsair fans leads to any enlightenment as to what it is.

Why doesn't Corsair mark their fans clearly on the casing (if it's ML or QL say so).


I have a brand new Capellix which is now useless and I cannot build in it and I've asked twice now to RMA the whole unit if they are not able to supply the correct fan.


I don't know what to do 



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The fans on the Capellix (non LCD version) are ML Elite OEM, which are slightly different than the ML-Elite retail.  However, you clearly have the white unit and no Corsair AIO coolers come with a QL fan. 


Perhaps someone from Technical Marketing can assist with this.  

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