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Hardware Lighting won't change

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Changing my "Hardware Lighting" colors used to work fine, but now it won't use any color i set. I've had this set up with a XD5 pump and 3 QL fans for a couple years now, these issues began after a crash roughly a month ago.

I had an over-heating issue briefly and had the setting to turn my lighting red if it exceeded the set temperature which it did, then my pc hard crashed, ever since then the hardware lighting is permanently red. Once ICUE starts up the colors change to the normal lighting, but the hardware lighting (start up or without ICUE) is stuck red.

Any suggestions?

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Ok this has been resolved now, I changed my PCI settings to GEN3 to fix the reconnecting issue and that also fixed my hardware lighting not changing, didn't realize those 2 issues were related.

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If you are on a Ryzen based system make sure your chipset drivers are fully updated by going to AMD's website directly and downloading and installing them, and also check your motherboard manufacturer's website for BIOS updates for your motherboard.

Also if you are utilizing an MSI motherboard and have the MSI software for that motherboard installed it is likely conflicting with iCUE, as the MSI software will attempt to connect to, and control any Corsair product installed.

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