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H150i Elite Capellix Fan port #3 not working

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Dear all,

I am having issues with my H150i Elite Capellix.

I have it top-mounted in my Lian Li O11 Dynamic case, in a push-pull config (stock fans at the bottom, pushing, and 3x ML120 Pro White LED at the top, pulling).

The fan in port #3 of the included Commander has always had issues, it all began with it not reporting its speed properly, and now it's not even showing up:


The part is no longer available, so I cannot purchase it, so the question would be:

--Can I purchase a Commander Core XT / Commander Pro to use for the fans on the H150i's radiator?

I am unsure what the proprietary connector on the bundled Commander does, and I am afraid that it'll break functionality if I don't use it.


Thank you in advance and kind regards!

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Any other Commander Pro or XT is capable of controlling the PWM fans. However, the Commander Core is always required since pump power/control/rgb is passed through it. An extra controller divorced from the coolant sensor may not be the best option. 

The Commander Core and XT use an auto-detect feature for PWM and RGB. The RGB can be ready-run from within cue, but I’ve had issues with PWM detection in the past and you can’t hit plug fans while it’s on. Try a full shutdown PSU off for 30 seconds, then power back up. That should force a re-detect of the PWM ports. If it’s doing this continuously, then that’s not a viable solution. However, you can easily pair 2 fans on a PWM splitter. It does not seem like you need individual control for any of them, so two low current fans like the ML paired is not a problem.

And of course, it’s suppose to work. That part is covered by your warranty and you can contact Corsair support and they can replace the controller. If you go this route, export all your profiles prior to installing the new one. CUE will see it as a second Commander Core and not transfer lighting. You’ll want to clean install cue and then import your profiles back to force then onto the new controller.  

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