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H150i elite lcd bug following update


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I have just purchased an H150i elite. I installed icue and I had the impression that the LCD settings were possible. 
But I did the icue and firmware update as requested and I don't have the possible screen setting in icue anymore. 
I can only adjust the halo and ventilation. 
I have done a complete uninstall following your procedure, and even reinstalled a new windows and it is the same. 
Can you please help me? I wonder if this is not due to the last update which is not good. 
Thank you

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You need to look through the LCD thread at the various possible solutions. There is no universal fix for all users, but start by powering down, flipping the PSU switch off, the disconnect and reconnect the special wide cable on the side of the Commander Core. Then PSU on and power back up. This should force the Commander Core and LCD top to renew their connection status. 


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