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water cooling pump rgb issues

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so i have a corsair water cooling system in my pc, all seems to work perfectly fine, fans spin and rgbs work, and the pump is working fine, however the rgbs on the pump dont seem to be working. when im on the iCUE app it doesnt sem to recognise it, i can create a colour for it but it never shows. i was wondering if maybe a cable isnt plugged in somewhere or something? all the fans are connected to a separate sata connection, which is whats making me think its that, but honestly not sure, any help appreciated. 

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Can you describe how the XD5/XD3/XD7 pump is connected?  To a specific CUE controller like the Commander Pro?  To the MB with an adapter?  CUE won't automatically detect it.  You must set it up in Lighting Set-up./  Hydro X -> pump model -> CPU and GPU blocks can chain into that as well.

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