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HX1000 Platinum Rattling Noise

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I recently built a new computer and while plugging in my headphones i heard a very quiet rattling noise coming from the PSU. I have an HX1000 Platinum. It is very quiet and I can basically only hear it if I put my ear right next to it. It just stresses me out a bit because I dont want it to eventually lead to a bigger problem and damage my other components. Is this normal and does anybody have any idea what this is? I have a video of it but i’m not sure how to link/post it here

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updated: It’s more of a cricket noise rather than a rattling. It seems to be coming from the power supply power cable. Not sure though, here’s a video of it if anyone is interested. It’s not the fans as it happens on boot and the power supply fans don’t spin until needed. I don’t think its coil whine because I tested it without a GPU and to my knowledge coil whine is usually GPU PSU related. I to swapped plugs and surge protectors as well. It’s a brand new power supply 


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