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iCue doesn't recover from screensaver

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Hi all,

when my screensaver sets in, my K100 falls back to hardware lightin settings, wich I'm fine with. So i can use a more calm profile when the PC is not in use. But if i use my PC again, iCue won't recover from this state. I can't even manually change the profile, but in iCue the keyboard is still connected.

The only solution is to restart iCue, but thats annoying to do so every time.

Is this known, is there a fix?


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Not entirely sure what is happening, but CUE is crashing/hanging when the screen saver is engaged.  CUE uses low level GPU resources and some screen savers do as as well.  I am not sure if there is a connection, but try using the standard black screen and see if it still occurs.  Worst case, monitor turn off also does the job, but does come with the slower wake time.  


You also can turn on debug logging in the CUE settings, then open a ticket with Corsair Support so you can report the issue and submit the error log.  Export the log right after this happens the next time.  

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