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O-rings for K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Keyboard

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I was looking for O-rings for the K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Keyboard.  Most of my searches revealed that is was not possible to use o-rings with this keyborad.  Until I found this post.  Thank you Barkster!

This really helped me out.  On Amazon.ca I found o-rings that work very well with this keyboard: uxcell Silicone O-Rings, 9.5mm OD 6.5mm ID 1.5mm Width VMQ Seal Gasket for Compressor Valves Pipe Repair, White, Pack of 30.  They are on the expensive side to use on a full keyboard but they do dampen the sound enough that I feel it is worth it.


I had to double up on the function keys row and the number keys row most likely because of the keycap profile increases the distance from the stem to the most inner part of the keycap.  

I think Corsair should make available a pack of compatible o-rings Cherry MX Low profile switches.

I just though I would pass along the information in case other are looking for the same thing I was.

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