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Equal Button Spam on Corsair K70 Keyboard

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This is an odd problem I've been having.  I have a brand new build and as part of my build I purchased this Corsair K70 Keyboard.  Great keyboard all around, but something odd happens particularly when I play New World.

Occasionally As I'm playing, ill notice my mouse won't register certain keys unless I spam them.  When I put my cursor on a window to type in, I then notice that the = button is being spammed.  Checking the keyboard itself, nothing is pressing it down.  The problem is corrected only when I restart the machine which I have to do by right clicking on the Windows logo and selecting restart.. as anytime I pull up the start menu the = button keys spamming.

The problem doesn't happen when I use my computer normally (browsing, viewing videos, documents etc.)  Only when I'm playing games, particularly this game New World .. though I have not played many other games since this is a brand new PC.

Anyone have any idea what's going on & how to fix it?

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