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Commander Pro not seen by iCUE.

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Hello Forum,

Just finished my first cooling loop and I'm stoked. The only problem I have is that the Commander Pro is not being recognized by iCUE. I have two Commander Core XTs and one Commander Pro. I installed the Commander Pro for the four extra temp sensors that it has because I'm using those sensor ports for four in-line thermal sensors that are connected to both ports on the 2x420 rads.

I've checked the power and it is connected. It is on the same power cable as the two Commander Core XTs. The USB for the Commander Pro is daisy chained off one of the Commander Core XTs that come off the M/B.

I'm stumped.

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Test the ComPro directly on the USB header and see if it's working then -- might just be a power issue running that many controllers off the same USB port.

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A little advice - Don't be surprised if you have USB problems with the Commander Core XT being plugged into one of the USB ports on the Commander Pro. I have Commander Pro's in 2 different Intel systems (X99 and Z370) and plugged Lighting Node Pro's into the USB ports on the Commander Pro's. This resulted in constant USB problems - freezes and connect/disconnect issues. I put in NZXT USB2.0 hubs and all of the USB problems went away. Corsair likes to blame USB problems on AMD, but since I had problems in 2 Intel systems, their excuse does not apply. People have been posting about Commander Pro USB problems for YEARS and Corsair still has not addressed them other than to try to pass the blame onto other manufacturers. 

Your system may be working fine and hopefully you will not encounter USB problems. If you do, try not plugging anything into the USB ports on the Commander Pro. Put in an NZXT or Aquacomputer Hubby7 internal USB2.0 hub and plug the Commander Pro XT into the hub. There is a very good chance that this will resolve  the USB problems.

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