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Corsair Void RGB USB headphones - On iCue 4, anyway to get them working properly?


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So I have a pair of Void headphones which are classed as legacy products (Model CA 9011130 EU).

Worked fine with iCue 3 and had full control over the lighting and sound settings, but i've updated to iCue 4 which doesnt support them.

I cant roll back to iCue 3 as I have a H115i Elite capellix cooler, which iCue 3 isnt designed for and i'm not even willing to try it in case something goes wrong.

Obviously the cooler is more important than the headphones.


Is there anyway to get control over the headphones, a stand alone bit of software or something like that?

I know they are 5 years old but are in perfect working order/undamaged, it feels pretty bad of Corsair not to include products like this in the newer version of iCue (its not like they were cheap) or not to provide a separate bit of software to be able to run legacy devices still when using iCue 4 - which im forced into using having upgraded my cooler.

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Unfortunately if you wish to have software control over your headset you will need to utilize the iCUE 3 software as they are not compatible with the new iCUE 4 software.

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