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Hi all,

i recently bought a K100 and i love it so far. Also i played i bit with iCue and different illumination profiles. And therefore i have a question or more a feature idea.
Is it possible to make a "Master Profile"?

To be more precisely: If i switch between different color profiles, doesn't mean I also want to change my Keymappings. Therefore i have to add the same keymaps in every profile i use. So a master profile would be great, in this profile you set your keymaps and all the other things. If you make a new profile, every setting corresponds to the settings in the master profile. So if you change something in the master profile, all the other profile are changed too. If you want some changes exclusively in a certain profile (like specific keybindindings for a specific game), the master profile settings are overwritten. 

I hope you understand what i mean.

Would something like this possible?

best regards

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You can do this with the “Scenes” on the main page. This is a top level lighting layer that overrides any per profile lighting. When you change from Profile A->B->C the lighting is consistent in accordance with the scene, but any device specific settings like key mapping change with the profile as expected. Scenes affect lighting only. 

However, some users are looking for the opposite to that and my suggestion is profile duplication rather new creation. If your profiles are macro/action heavy, use the copy profile function to make “Copy of Profile A”, change the name and the lighting. All existing device settings come along for the ride. This is usually faster than using the Library to copy and paste lighting and/or macros. 

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Your opposite suggestion is more likely what I'm looking for. I use different lighting profiles for different games, software,... but my keybindings (only assigned the G-keys) always stay the same and are rarely changed. 

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That is more or less my situation.  Use the copy feature of any profile.  Then all you need to do is change the name and lighting.  

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