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What i feel is missing on headsets.


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So here it is : i feel that all the headset ear pads should get a slit in it for the people who wear glasses. Just on the frontside thus, so that the ear-stems(?) of the glasses could go into that slit and as such relieve a lot of pressure for people who wear glasses. Headsets tend to clamp rather strong and certainly so on those glasses which tends to hurt after a short while. Having this slit would greatly improve the wearing comfort of the headset if people wear glasses.

I myself have a rather thin frame for my glasses but when using the void for instance the pressure on the ears starts to really hurt after a short while of usage, caused by the glasses being pressed to hard onto the ear/head. I don't think this is difficult to implement and also should not be a huge cost really.

If such feature made the headsets more expensive, which i doubt would warrant more then 5$-10$ surplus, I'd be glad to pay it for the added comfort and no more pain.

Corsair could even offer such ear pads as they do with their normal ear pads replacement option. Such a slit-model for the same 9.99$ would be awesome.

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