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H60 microphone problems

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So I purchased the h60 headset.  I plugged in the 3.5mm adapter and went to discord and it works fine.  I pressed the mute button and it doesn't mute anything, tried several times and does not.  I figured, maybe this is a feature that is enabled with the usb and ICUE software.

Installed the icue software, put the 3.5mm into the usb adapter (FULLY YES, I KNOW HOW TO DO THAT).  now through discord, online voice recorders, sound in system settings, etc.  The microphone does not work.  I can hear, I just cant use the microphone.


Now, during testing, when pressing the mute button I will see a fluctuation in the microphone volume in these apps.  Tried pushing the microphone button 1/4, 1/2, etc to engage it.  and it doesn't work. except I will see that small variation in the microphone transmitting something every push.  


Is this a bad adapter?  Please advise.  Thank you

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Hi Teleska,

Does the headset show up in iCUE when you have it connected to the dongle via the USB? 

If you remove the mic from the headset and plug the mic directly to your 3.5mm jack on your motherboard I/O does the mic function?

If not you may need a replacement mic. If it does work it may be and issue with the dongle, try updating the firmware, let me know how that goes.

Please reach out if the issue continues.

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Yes and yes.

got frustrated after about 5 restarts, and 10 programs trying to get it to work with the dongle.  went to go cook dinner, eat watch a show.  

came back to the computer, woke it up from sleep mode, now it works fine.  even the mute button works now with 3.5mm jack.



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