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H115i RGB Platinum Disconnect/Reconnect

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I've had this ongoing issue for years at this point. No iCue update has solved it, and it seemingly just comes and goes. I'll be doing something on my PC, typically gaming, and out of nowhere my AIO will disconnect and reconnect in rapid succession, sometimes dozens of times in a row. I can't begin to explain how irritating it is to listen to the disconnect/reconnect sound repeatedly while I'm trying to play a game. It doesn't do it consistently, it will happen somewhat at random. I can't recreate the issue at will. I thought it might somehow be temperature related, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's only the AIO, nothing else does it. It drives me bonkers having to listen to it when it does happen, and I just can't explain it or figure it out.

Has anyone else had this problem? I can post my logs, though I've done that in the past to no avail. My hardware, other than drives, have not changed in about 3 years. Just figured since it's been a long time since I've asked I'd check to see if there has been any updates or potential fixes at this point.

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We would recommend that you reach out to our support team by opening a ticket at http://help.corsair.com

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Hi, I am experiencing the same iCue disconnects since a long time. I have tried a lot of things and NOT been able to solve them. Below is a recap of my problem...

First of all. I use the latest version of iCue, and latest drivers and FW on every component within icue and on my PC.

The disconnect problem started with the icue h100i elite capellix 240mm cooler. My computer setup then was: MSI z590 carbon wifi, i9 11900k, 32GB corsair vengeance rgb3200 Aoruse 3080 xtreme corsair rm1000x power supply. Then I bought the NZXT internal USB hub as this was recommended by some other person who had the same problem. It did not solve my problem.

Then I replaced my h100i elite capellix by the h150i elite LCD 360mm cooler. Did not solve the problem.

Then I replaced my motherboard and CPU with the new MSI z690 carbon wifi and intel i9 12900K CPU. and 64GB corsair dominator 5200 DDR5 RAM. It did not solve my problem.

Also, in the beginning I had Windows10, but upgraded to Windows11 and did not solve the problem. I also made sure that all my windows usb power save settings are disabled, so that Windows can not disconnect usb. I played around with connecting the USB cable of the commander core to different motherboard USB headers, and to the NZXT USB hub, It did not solve my problem.

I also tried connecting the SATA cable from the commander core to another SATA interface, and I even plugged a dedicated cable to the RM1000x power supply and only the commander core is connected to it. It did not solve my problem.

I don't have any other hardware monitoring software installed, except for the Aorus Engine but that is not polling my other hardware, only the 3080, (I don't run MSI center etc). But even with Aorus engine not running , the problem remains the same.

I am very frustrated, because this issue has been haunting my for more than 6 months!!! It seems to be randomly happening, sometimes even when my computer is not doing anything... You then hear that Windows ping noise, the LCD screen and the fan leds turn off, and the fans start spinning at max. Sometimes the LCD screen and fans will work again by themselves, but more often the LCD and fans then turn into HW mode and when I look into icue software the H150i LCD does not show up anymore. The only solution then is to restart my computer.

Could my commander core be faulty? Also I checked all the cables into the commander core and even reconnected them several times to make sure it's not a cable problem.

Finally, is there a way to overrule the h150i lcd hardware cooling settings? Is there a way I can chenge the fan RPM not to go to max setting when the h150i disconnects and goes into HW mode?


I hope that Corsair can take this issue seriously, as this is not a cheap product to begin with...


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