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3 LP120 Fans not working until computer has been on for 10 minutes ??

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I have 3 LP120 fans in white. They have been working absolutely fine since I put them in my system about 6 months ago.


just randomly one day they decided to not light up, they are still spinning.

they will all turn on at the same time after about 10 minutes of the computer being on

Even fiddling with iCue and closing it and re-launching it doesn't work.

I thought it may have been a loose connection in the commander core in the computer and i was going to have a look but the fact that they will light up after 10 minutes and stay on and work fine indicates to me the connection to the commander core is working fine.


Would anyone have a possible fix/solution that I could try ?

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  • Corsair Employees

Assuming you actually mean our LL120 fans, we would recommend that you reach out to our support team directly by opening a ticket at http://help.corsair.com

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