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Is it possible for the Corsair LCD AIO to cause BSODs??

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I am at my wits end here. I have been getting whea_uncorrectable_error when gaming, which only shows up as error volmgr 161 in my event viewer. This means dumps cannot be made. My cpu temps are fine. I've swapped ram, ssds, and cpus. 

My PC was fine until I swapped cpu from a 3700X to a 5800X, which at the same time also installed the Corsair H100i Elite LCD. I swapped back to my 3700X after several bsods and I am still getting them now.

All that's left to try is swap mobo, gpu, or psu. And also changing the cooler perhaps.

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Make sure your BIOS for your motherboard is fully updated and that you have downloaded and installed the most recent AMD Chipset drivers directly from AMD's website.  Also make sure your video card drivers are fully updated. 

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The cooler itself cannot cause a BSOD. A failing here would cause a thermal shutdown which is displayed in a different way and usually noticeable by the change to very aggressive fan speeds. 

It’s theoretically possible for the software to become entangled with a core OS function which then leads to BSOD, although it’s unlikely and does not seem match. Regardless, you can rule this out by quitting CUE prior to gaming. The lights will drop into hardware mode, but the assigned radiator fan profiles continue as directed. 

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