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H100i Elite LCD very low coolant temperature.

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I am new to this AIO water cooling setup and this is my first AIO (always been using Noctua Air coolers). I am also new to the forum.

I would like to seek advise from other users who may have come across what I am experiencing.

I have no problems with this cooler cooling down my CPU (12600K). I think it does a bloody fantastic job. For reference, ambient temp here in Sydney is about 18 deg Celsius. CPU idles between 27 to 32 deg C. Gaming at Ultra presets (1080p, dont laugh) CPU max temp 50 deg C. (Havent done any AIDA64 stress yet).

What I don't get is how is my coolant temperature almost at freezing point. Please see photo. Max temp the coolant reaches when gaming is 10 deg C after that when i quit to desktop it drops to about 8 deg. Earlier when I first booted up my computer it showed -4 deg C(how?) on the screen but slowly warmed to to 3 deg C. I dont use liquid nitrogen at all for cooling...

I really like how it cools the CPU but i dont understand the magic. I dont hear any air bubbles in the pump or in the radiator... its all very quiet. iCue shows pump speed between 2289 to 2300 rpm on quiet preset.

Appreciate if someone can explain the very low coolant temps. Thanks.



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Unfortunately this seems to be on ongoing issue without an automatic solution. The general discussion is occurring in the thread below. My first step advice is to power down, flip the PSU off, then disconnect the mini-24 pin cable from the LCD/pump on the Commander Core end. Reconnect and make sure it’s fully inserted, PSU back on and power up. That should force the Commander Core to re-assess, but this is a slippery issue. 


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