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3xFan GPU card and iCue

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A strange thing that i got from the dashboard relating the gpu card i have wich got 3 fans and knowing that some management software for the fans let us do curves for  the middle fan (let say fan n°2 )and other curves for external fans (let's call them n°1 and n°3, with the fact that i do have 2 values for the temperatures and 2 values for the fans rpm showing in the dashboard.

My question is as follow: as i got temp#1, temp#2, fan#1 and fan#2 for my GPU in the dashboard, are the number of temp and fan related, and is the number of fan related to the curves set i can do with gpu fan control software, so one for n°2 and another for n°1 and n°3? or is it simply a mistake about the number of fans where i should get 3 fans and 3 temps, like my card does have? kind of something missing or just as i said, related to the curves i can do and not the real number of fans?

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This has been something that has been talked about several times on the forums. Next time please utilize the search feature before creating a new thread to make sure there isn't already a thread that covers your question.


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