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fan#5 at 65280 rpm

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got some problem with temperatures and sensors lately, especially with the hotspot of my gpu and now trying to check icue dashboard for showing me these temperatures. But now that i installed a fresh windows and iCue, i see that in my dashboard, i have a fan or something running at 65280 rmp and i do not know wich  one it could be. Both front fans of my case are showing in a Y set on the cha_fan#2 and my back fan is on cha_fan#1. Running hwinfo64 as well, i could determine wich info is what. But that one, at this speed, related to the mobo, i can't figur out what it is and where it is coming from. As title says it. it is fan#5 and running at really high speed. can't figure what it is. Any idea what i can do to check waht it may be?

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Sensor reporting like that is normally caused by conflicts due to running other hardware monitoring software such as HWMonitor, HWiNFO64, Aida64, etc... Close all other hardware monitoring software running and then restart the iCUE software and services, or just perform a system restart, and then test to see if the incorrect reading is still occurring. 

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22 minutes ago, JaED said:

i have a fan or something running at 65280 rmp

If you have an Asus motherboard this is expected behavior at the moment. There appears to be a problem with the underlying sensor data program getting the proper value from the cpu fan header. It will report 65K even when nothing is connected. You can safely ignore it or delete the sensor for the time being.  

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