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My corsair K70 lux is not being detected by iCue

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I have recently moved house. So i needed to reassamble my pc. I had to use another way older keyboard for one day before i could reuse my old k70 lux.

Ever since the k70 lux has been stuck on the default mode and does not show up in iCue at all. All keys red exceot for the white WASD keys. However the scroll lock key has also been blinking on and off nonstop. This problem does not extend to my HS60 headphones and the mic that comes with i. I have tried several things to resolve this isue

  • unplugging and replugging my keyboard. 
  • reseting the keyboard by unplugging it and replugging it holding escape for 5 seconds
  • remove all keyboard related drivers before replugging the keyboard
  • uninstalling and reinstalling iCue
  • restarting my pc
  • changing the usb sockets i use for my keyboard

In case it is relevant
I have a few programs that support rgb control for my keyboard and other components. These include wallpaper engine and logitech G hub (which i use for my mouse)

Is there any way i can resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!


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