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[H170i Elite Capellix LCD] Issue fans RPM.

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Hello all,

Just go the H170i Elite Capellix LCD for the 12900KS. 

It's working fine during 2 days. Nothing changed on my hardware and now, i saw MAX RPM fans locked at ~1500.
Can't reach 2000 RPM. 
Tried to force firmware update, desinstall, reinstall, clean %applocal%, all "Corsair" directory with conf files. 


Is it a bug from the last release ?? 

Bios settings is set at 100% PWM .Testing with DC 100% / Auto 100% / curved...  


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The BIOS settings will have no effect on the H170i's operation.  It is controlled by CUE when active and then drops to saved hardware settings when it is not.  Those three presets Quiet/Balanced/Extreme (and their French equivalents) are actual Coolant temp vs fan speed control curves and not a low/medium/high type of toggle.  At 30C none of them should max out your fans and 40C is typically where that occurs.  However, you can't make a universal preset for everyone. Environmental temperature has a strong effect on coolant temp and what is perfect for a 22C room will not be as nice in 30C room in Summer.


My general advice to everyone is to make a "copy" of the presets.  This will allow you to see the data points and make changes to the baseline (idle) and maximum fan speeds to match your environment.

1) Click the yellow + in your picture to create a new custom fan curve.  A graph will appear below.  

2) Click one of the shape tools in the lower right corner.  These correspond to the three presets and a small label should appear to the left identifying each.  

3) Change Sensor value to "H170i Elite Temp".  This is coolant temperature and the variable the curve was designed for.

4) Rename the curve to whatever you like and then apply it the fans above.  This now identical to the preset, but you can see the data points.  The fixed RPM and Fixed PWM% controls are also available here so you can max your fans for whatever reason is required.  


This is an old shot, but shows the necessary area.

Screenshot (230).jpg

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Thanks for your quick answer 🙂
I've tested with the custo profile and curve. 
Here what i've got : (Approx 1500 max RPM)

Was at 1994 RPM approx, 2 days ago. 
My fans are certified to 2000RPM. 

Don't understand why now i'm can't reach the 100%. 

Trying with Fixed % at 100%, result is the same. 

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Posted (edited)

That looks like you are still set on the preset. Make sure you change the fan setting to the new curve for each fan. However, you are not going to go much higher. The Elite LCD versions of the AIO come with the premium retail version of the ML Elite with the changed frame and vane design. These 140mm ML-Elite have a maximum speed of 1600 rpm (free air), which when placed on a radiator is going to be lower. Radiator resistance and individual case airflow restriction will take some max speed off the top. 50-100 rpm would be common, depending on total resistance.  If using as top exhaust, take off the dust filter. Are you sure they were at 2000 rpm?  That could be the pump on the Quiet preset or the new variable speed option. 


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As c-attack pointed out the fans that come with the H170i Elite LCD cooler are not rated for 2000RPM and their maximum speed is 1600RPM +/-10%.


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