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I need assistance with cooling my PC

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I recently upgraded my PC to have a Ryzen 9 5900X, an EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW3, and 32GB of Trident Z Royal RGB RAM all on an MSi B550M Mortar Wi-Fi placed in a Corsair Crystal 280x case. My 5900X is being cooled by a Top-Mounted H115i Elite Capellix & My fan config at the moment is 2 LL120 fans in the front for intake, 2x SP120 Elite fans on the bottom for intake, and 2x ML140 Elite fans on the top for exhaust. This seems good on paper, however my CPU Idles at 45-50 Degrees Celsius & if I do so much as open an application (even something light like the file explorer), it causes my CPU to spike up to a little over 60 degrees instantly. I have checked that I have applied enough thermal paste & mounted the cooler properly, and I indeed have done It right. How do I fix my thermals in this case? (Numbered list shows more questions related to my main question)

1. What settings should I apply in the BIOS/UEFI?

2. What Fan Curves should I use?

3. Should I make any modifications to my case? (Raising the feet, replacing the top panel, removing the dust filter, etc...)

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Check your typical Vcore voltage level at idle.  Many AMD Ryzen owners are a surprised by their higher idle temps, but this is not a hardware or physical contact issue.  It's the how the CPU reacts to the any background activity.  A relaxed processor likely has a Vcore below 1.00.  You are more likely in the 1.10-1.20v range when at ~40C.  That increase up to 60C is particularly large, but when starting from the higher base temperature it has your attention.  If you were at 25C and jumped to 40C when opening a browser, you would not be alarmed.  


This is not something extra fan speed or case airflow changes can help with.  The heat must pass through the CPU before it is transferred elsewhere and we are all voltage limited.  If it turns out your Vcore is very low (0.70v) and you still idle at 40C, then we have some things to look at.  There also may be some BIOS settings to tweak, but I am not a 5900x owner and these things are typically MB/chipset series dependent.  That information should be out there somewhere.  

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you can control your fan speeds with this -> https://github.com/rem0o/fancontrol.releases

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