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new HS60 Pro Wired Headset mic picking up all audio from PC

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i have a question i recently upgraded from the old Corsair Void headset to a brand new HS60 Pro wired but when talking to my friends on discord if i watch a video the audio from the video will play over my mic, i dont know how to fix this i even removed the mic and hit the mute button on the headset to see if that fixed it but it still played the audio i have checked several things from old posts about listen to device and enhancements off kind of thing but all of that stuff is off.

i have windows 10 and the only thing i have for mic or sound is my headphones everything else is disabled i dont know what to do besides push to talk and i absolutely hate doing that does anyone out there know how to fix this issue? im fully updated in the iCue software as well and before anyone says the HTC-Vive VR headset isnt even on 99% of the time and i have used several different USB ports 



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Also make sure you have fully inserted the 3.5mm headphone jack fulling inserted into the USB adapter for the headset. If its not fully seated it can cause crosstalk between the two channels. Also doesn't hurt to make sure the microphone is fully inserted as well.

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