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Corsair H100i Pro XT RGB only Red RBG

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I built my pc about 2 years ago it is a custom built with following specs:



32gb ram ddr4 3200mhz

ryzen 7 3700x


Windows 10 Pro latest version 


Icue software latest and firmware up to date. 


Recently after moving house and doing some desk refurbishment I have decided since i have room to put PC on desk (before it was under) to put it on the desk.However, the CPU cooler only shows a red RGB and no other colours are showing, patterns work, but only red will show, this was all working when i built and tested the Pc but i don't know what has caused this now as PC was under desk so not much attention to RGB. 


The Cpu temps are fine at around 40-50.


The device is detected by Icue software and changing the led lights does nothing (I can change to white, yellow, etc but it makes no difference as red always displays, changing it to blue it goes off with nothing showing. 


Color affects work but again only show red. 


Anyone know what issue is? 

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Can you confirm which version of iCUE are you using? And the version of your firmware? I know you said "latest" but it's worth being explicit here just to be sure.

Also, can you clarify what you mean by


patterns work, but only red will show

And lastly, when you set the color, which section of the iCUE software are you in? There are at least 3 ways to set things in iCUE which can be confusing. There are Scenes, Lighting Effects, and Hardware Lighting.

I believe you can choose between using Scenes or Lighting Effects as long as iCUE is running. And whatever you set Hardware Lighting to is what takes effect when the program is completely closed (not minimized). As you are fiddling with the different effect types, the water block should update in real-time to the proper color. It will also change colors as you change between the different effect types (assuming you had different colors for them set). For proper testing, I'd disable Scenes and set both Lighting Effects and Hardware Lighting to a static color. See if that changes things and if not, close iCUE after updating these settings and see then.

Lastly, maybe reseat the USB 2.0 header connecting the water block to the motherboard.

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  • Corsair Employees

The likely cause of the issues here is the MSI software taking control over third-party hardware and defaulting everything to red.

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