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icue H150i Elite Capellix - fan is duff and I can't find ID the model!


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As per title I bought the H150i a few months ago for system build. 

As I was about to assemble the rad I tested the fans separately and I see that one fan's RGBs are not functioning correclty (only 2 LEDs working).


I've raised a ticket but thought I'd look for a quick replacement in the meantime but frankly it's driving me nuts.


This kit is supposed to have the ML120 RGB Elite and my fans look nothing like those. The look more like the SP120 RGB if anything even though the blurb and promotional vids on Corsair site for this model show the same shape and claim "magnetic levitation" there is no way I can find anything on Corsair site or anywhere else that resembles this shape. I'm totally confused now!!


On the label is 31-006669 and m/n :RFW0041



Googling the above numbers also lead to SP120 RGB but picture on box shows same fan ...

Can anyone elaborate as to what are the actual fans I have and why the searches for ML120 RGB elite are competely different to these?


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Yeah, this is another confusing part of the Corsair naming/product representation.  You bought the original H1xx Elite AIO kit.  This comes with the Commander Core and 3x "8 LED fans" that did not have an official name at the time.  We start calling them "ML-Elite" as they were a ML blade design, similar speed range, and it came from the "Elite AIO" kit.  A retail SP-Elite with some blade changes and rear stator vanes came later as the case fan companion.  Then a ways down the line we finally got a retail version of the ML Elite with the actual name and some clear physical differences, namely the "box frame" and a different set of stator vanes from the SP-Elite on the back.


Those who buy the newly released Elite AIO + LCD combo kits get retail version of the ML-Elite to match their radiator size.  Non-LCD Elite kits still have what I now call the ML-Elite OEM (as pictured above).  These might be available as replacement parts from Corsair, but clearly you should be under warranty on this so that seems like the better option.  


As for an immediate solution, all these SP-Elite, ML-Elite, and ML-Elite OEM fans have the same LEDs and they all should be a match for color tone and hue.  The retail ML-Elite is easy to pick out from the reverse side with those vanes, but from the front the RGB should be identical.  If needed, you could slide one white ML-Elite retail into the middle of the three.  This would hide the box frame to some extent or at least give you symmetry.  Using a SP-Elite will work too, but the RPM range could be an issue if you like higher speeds.  

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Hi C-attack,

Thanks for the concise although complex explanation of the history. On the aside, I've noticed the AIO+LCD combo and the price of it and remember thinking to myself that I'd have figured that most people would want to spend that extra on performance rather than a bunch of numbers that you'd have to stoop to look at. 


Anyway I'm glad that the newer ML120 Elite can be fitted and yes you are right, the warranty on the accessories is 2 years so covers this easily. It just broke my spirit as I'd waited to start this build and this holiday w/e was not a good thing to scupper the project. I can fit the duff one as it is only the RGB that is faulty and functionally will do the job but having to replace it after Corsair finally deal with a replacement isn't that attractive.


Thank you for your time and clear explanation which all makes sense now.



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