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Issue with WoW keybinds when iCue software is closed

Brian 457

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I'm having an issue with key bindings in World of Warcraft (Burning Crusade classic) when the iCue software is not running. I am using a Das Keyboard with my Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite plugged into a USB port on the keyboard. I'm also using Mac OS 12.3.1 if that makes any difference.

Currently I've mapped all of the side buttons to various number keys in the iCue software. While the iCUE software is running, the game is able to recognize keyboard modifiers such as Shift or Control so I can create bindings for Shift+Button1 or Ctrl+Button2 by holding down those keys while clicking one of the hardware buttons. Unfortunately leaving the iCue software running while also running the game creates too much input lag so I have saved the profile to the device. 

However, when the iCUE software is closed, the game no longer is able to recognize keyboard modifiers in conjunction with hardware button presses. Regardless of what keyboard modifier keys I hold down, the game will only recognize the button press. If I map the Hardware Key Setting to a Keystroke such as Shift+KP2 (Num Pad 2) then it will record the key binding as that. However, regardless of whether I map the button using the Keyboard or Keystroke setting, it will not recognize keyboard modifiers when the software isn't running. 

It doesn't seem as though the behavior is limited to World of Warcraft. I rebound one of the keys to a keyboard key in the number row. When the iCUE application is open if I press that key while typing in the text window for this post it will type the number 9. Holding down the shift key while pressing that button will type a (. However, when the application is closed, regardless of whether the shift key is held down or not, pressing the button will type the number 9. 

I'll try a few other things (connecting the mouse to a USB port on the computer) or see if there are some OS settings that might need to be changed to see if that makes a difference, but if anyone has some experience with this and any suggestions, I'd appreciate the help. 


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I'm not completely sure which of the following was responsible for fixing the problem since I didn't test them in isolation, but I did manage to resolve my issue. 

After doing some additional searching online there were various people reporting similar issues with gaming mice like this on Macs and suggested using a program called Karabiner. While installing that I also found some additional security settings for iCUE that were blocked. After enabling those and installing that additional program I'm receiving the expected behavior. 

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