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Corsair LL120 fans have a mind of their own? iCue? Commander/Node? HELP

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I bought this PC from a friend who custom built it, and has built many before that. This only makes it harder for me as I have not done too much work with Corsair and this isn't exactly the simplest setup. It has a total of 8 Corsair LL 120 fans, 1 commander pro and 2 lighting hubs. 6 of the fans are connected to hub 1, and 2 fans are connected to hub 2. LED 1 on the commander leads to hub 1 and LED 2 leads to hub 2 as far as RGB goes. When I start up my pc, the lights seem to work just fine, on occasion I can game for hours and have not a single issue. Other times, I will go to iCue and reset all the fans and they will work for 5 seconds and then bug out and do whatever they want. This only seems to pertain to the fans on lighting hub 1. My issue being, sometimes they work fine for days or even weeks at a time, other times they don't work for 5 seconds. Sometimes they flicker, sometimes they freeze, sometimes a couple work and a few don't, they just have a mind of their own. Does anyone have similar experience and could help me trouble shoot this? It would be greatly appreciated. 

Attached link with video: https://youtube.com/shorts/HEECaMREw9o?feature=share

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