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Dell dimension 3000 will VS1GB400C3 Work?


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I have the same problem with two Dell Dimension 3000's, four beeps and then two and then nothing.


My two machines came from Dell with 256MB of 400 in one module.


Any further input would be most welcome.




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The CPU is 2.8 MGz and FSB is 533.

Corsair number is VS1GB400C3.

According to Dell Tech, the 400 module should work, but will run at 333.

The only input I received from Dell which I could not confirm is the memory must be Non-ECC.

I tried the module in two machines, same issue re: no boot.

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Hello All.


My office just bought the DELL Dimension 3000 computer which its config is like this:


CPU: Pentium4 2.8GHz (Probably is version A, without HT, 1MB level 2 cache)

Motherboard: Unknown but with Intel i865GV Chipset

Original memory kit: Nanya DDR-400MHz CL3 (Note: The chips are on one side/bank only.)

Harddisk: 40GB


I just bought a ValueSelect set which the number is VS1GB400C3, i just got the same experience that the two gentlemen have above, what is the problem?


Thanks for answers, sharing and solution.




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Well, I have actually unplug the original Nanya memory and plug the two memory modules to the motherboard. (Actually, the motherboard from Dell only support two ram modules and hence it is neccessary to unplug the original one when plugging the two 1GB modules)


I am disgusted of testing again because there's tons of work waiting for me, any gentlemen got the same experience?

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You would need to run the memory according to the speed of your CPU with this system. In other words if you have a 533 FSB CPU then you would need to use DDR333 memory. And I would suggest system select with any OEM system. Sorry!
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