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170 Elite commander hub RGB lighting not coming on

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I have tried many different configs while using this hub, it seems none of the RGB fans i plug into it will come on. I have a 2nd, commander XT that the RGB does work and the fans light up.

I have a feeling that i am just not getting them hooked up right, though i have tried the smaller RGB hubs as well and still nothing.. Is there a good, up to date diagram of how to properly chain these things together? I have checked a few videos and they either are not working for me how they should, or they use the older hugs with connectors i dont have.

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There is no device chaining with the RGB controllers and each acts as a separate group. Both the Commander Core and Core XT use individual port RGB control, unlike all the other controllers. They also use auto detection of ports unlike their serially wired siblings. Make sure you run the RGB auto detect option after changing fans. If it still does not work, try forcing a manual option in “Lighting setup” (LL x 6, etc). 

Be aware the retired ~2016 SP-RGB fans do not mix with others. 

Can you be more specific about what fans you are trying to use?

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ok, to update, i finally got the RGB woking, but now i can not get the pump to show up in ICUE, i have a feeling I have a bad USB 2.0 port on the commander that came with my 1000D case as nothing plugged into it seems to show up in ICUE, even things that were previously plugged into the other port.

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Posted (edited)

Ok, so if you have a 1000D you likely have the Commander Pro that came with the case and is needed for the case lights, plus 2 more Commander XT controllers?  Any more?  We see issues with users attempting to connect 3 or more of the Commander Core, XT, or LCD top. Do you have any of these and how many?  Based on your brief description, you must have at least 1 Commander Core for the AIO, it is the LCD top version, and then at least 1 Commander Pro from the case. Are there Commander XT controllers too?

Don’t connect the Commander XT controllers into the Commander Pro passthrough or the XT to each other. Those are literal passthrough ports and it adds too much to the line. Since no motherboard comes with more than two usb 2 ports, you very likely need a powered usb hub and each of your main controllers needs its own powered port - mb or usb hub. 

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