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ls100 Ambient Video lighting on a 48" OLED setup troubles

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Hi all, 


Just received a bunch of ls100 products as I'm adding ambient lighting to a few rooms in the house. Having some issues with ICUE and trying to get the ambient lighting to work properly. My main PC display is an LG 48" C1 OLED which is sustainably larger than the typical 27" monitors I believe this kit was designed for. I have a 450mm & 350mm mounted on the top and bottom with single 350mm strips on the sides. Fits the display nicely. However, I cannot figure out how to manually tell ICUE which strip is where. Because it's still 138 total LEDs on a single channel, ICUE thinks I have four 450mm and two 250mm strips plugged in... This is using the ultrawide monitor preset. The video lighting that should be synced to the top of my display is showing up on one of the side strips...


I've done my best to maintain a Corsair ecosystem with all my hardware so I can just use one software. That along with the more palatable pricing compared to Phillips Hue is what led me to try out the ls100 kits and expansion strips. Looks fine if I go to my default color shift but was really looking forward to the video lighting for movies and games. 


Am I really just locked into whatever presets are available in ICUE? I found a much older post from back in late August of 2020 (linked below) that detailed a similar issue by another user and Corsair's response was basically the majority of people don't use TV's as PC displays... I can't imagine it would be difficult for the ICUE software team to had in more user customizable configuration options for this. If a Corsair employee happens to read through this, is there anyway to submit a ticket or take more action than simply "passing along to our team working on the software to look into?" Everything I need is right in front of me and it feels like I'm just locked out before the final step.


I have two more ls100 starter kits on the way as well I was going to use for our bedroom TV/PC setup that I'm most likely going to return when I get them since I won't even be able to configure them properly. 


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